The Big Idea

We’re back on our mission  to demonstrate how the UK’s vast stock of 1960’s housing can be renovated, retrofitted and fully upgraded to become energy efficent, healthy, high quality homes of the future.

Reassessing our built environment is vital in the fight against climate change as about 45% of CO2 emissions in the UK come from energy used in our homes and buildings. It is essential that we seek to reduce these emissions. 1960’s housing is typically poorly constructed with no insulation. As the graph below shows, the 1960’s were also a period of huge house building peaking at 350K dwellings completed per year towards the end of the decade. It is vital that we seriously look at how Britain can reduce these emissions from our 1960’s housing stock.

Retrofitting as opposed to rebuilding is one solution. It involves the addition of materials (e.g. insulation, double glazed windows) and technolgies (e.g. low energy lighting, intelligent heating  controls) to increase the building’s energy efficiency. Our plan is for the West Wittering Beach House to use materials and technologies which vastly improve the properties energy efficiency.